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I'll teach you how to nourish your body 

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1:1 Coaching

Plans Start at $150/month

Fertility Nutrition Coaching:

Embark on a fertility journey that’s as unique as you are. My approach is to utilize both evidence-based practices while also tapping into a holistic approach that embraces your body’s innate wisdom. Together, we navigate the path that optimizes your fertility, fostering a supportive environment that honors your needs and goals. 


Prenatal Nutrition Coaching:

Embrace the transformative experience of pregnancy without having to google every single symptom or food that you can or can’t eat. Instead, we will walk alongside you through every stage (and complaint lol) with ease so you can feel confident. Coaching goes way beyond diet so that both you and your growing baby are well-nourished


Postpartum Nutrition Coaching:

Welcome to the postpartum chapter, one that is often met with exhaustion but much-needed self-care. You have arrived in motherhood and require support nourishing your body so that you can prioritize your well-being. Hand-in-hand we will come up with action plans to take planning meals, supporting lactation, boosting energy levels, and balancing hormones out of the hands of google and into the hands of a caring expert. 

Meal Guides Membership

Weekly meal guides with recipes that can follow you from Trying to Conceive —> Postpartum

This weekly nutrition meal planning offer takes the guesswork and stress out of the kitchen. Each week you will receive simple, delicious and nourishing meals that you and your growing family will enjoy sent straight to your inbox. It covers you from breakfast all the way through until your head hits the pillow. This is not a prescriptive meal plan but it allows you to mix and match the meals you want to incorporate into your staples so you don’t have to spend hours scrolling Instagram and Pinterest for new ideas. I take the guesswork out so you can take care of everything else on your plate. 

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Pregnant woman in a cross-legged position

Nicole Told Us

“I am no stranger to prioritizing nutrition and working out in my life, but after becoming a new mom the thought of trying to figure out nutrition postpartum was so overwhelming. At 3 months postpartum I started working with Caitlin to start my journey back to getting in shape. Caitlin has been a great support for not only my health journey but also for being a new mom in general. Her knowledge and compassion for handling postpartum health, nutrition, and recovery are unmatched”
Wholesome Huntress Nutrition spring recipe book in an ipad

Healthy Eating Made Easy
with Our Recipe Ebook 

Our recipe ebook is the perfect resource for mothers who want to eat healthily. Not only does it feature a wide variety of delicious and nutritious recipes, but also expert tips and advice from The Wholesome Huntress.

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