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Empowering you to nourish your body & mind.

Wholesome Huntress Nutrition is here to help busy moms ditch the diet mentality and embrace a more holistic approach to nutrition. Let's work together to achieve your health goals and create a balanced, sustainable lifestyle.

Let's be real. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach

Ingredients for salmon including a filet, lemon, and aspargus

As a nutritionist, I understand that the journey to motherhood can be challenging and overwhelming.

That is why I offer personalized nutrition plans to women trying to conceive, currently pregnant, or navigating postpartum. My goal is to help each client achieve optimal health and wellness, while also promoting a healthy balance of mind, body, and soul. I offer customized nutrition plans, lifestyle recommendations, and support throughout the entire process.

How Can I Support You?

What I Specialize In

Establishing Healthy Eating Habits

Intuitive Eating

Prenatal & Postpartum Nutrition

Hi! I'm Caitlin.

Founder of WHN, nutritionist, and most importantly, mama of 2!

At Wholesome Huntress Nutrition, my mission is to help women create sustainable health habits that align with their individual goals.


With a Master's degree in nutrition and human performance, and with a specialization in Perinatal Nutrition, I have helped countless women improve their health throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey. I am passionate about empowering women with the knowledge and resources they need to thrive.

pregnant woman in pink dress with baby bump
blonde woman eating a healthy burger

The Mom Seal
Of Approval

“I loved the accountability of putting my knowledge to practice and if I had slip-ups there was no judgment just support and tools to keep on track”

- Jocelyn M.

"Caitlin is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to kickstart their journey to a healthier relationship with food. Right from our first consultation, she was incredibly supportive, understanding, non-judgemental, and motivated to help me achieve my goals”

-Wholesome Huntress Client

“If you are looking for a partner in your wellness journey who blends motivation, collaboration, inspiration, and education seamlessly into the process you will not be disappointed with Caitlin.”

-Gloria A.

Meal Guides for Moms

Sign up here to start receiving two weeks of meal guides that are tailored to the busy mommas and mommas-to-be! Created by the Wholesome Huntress, a Perinatal Nutrition Expert who is also a Mom who gets that meals need to be nourishing, simple, and delicious!

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